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Stim Soup Series: What’s In the Soup? Part One

StimSoupSeries Welcome! This the first of a 8-part series on helping you out with all the terminology and acronyms associated with Autism. It’s good to be educated and informed. ‘s a long list and I figured I would have three terms listed in each part of the weekly series.  Stay tuned!

Let’s begin of course with the letter A.

1. (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis:

An intensive intervention program based on behavioral principles. A behavior therapist works one on one with a child on an individually written program and can be from two hours each week up to 40 hours depending on the childs needs.  ABA is based on breaking down skills into their simplest parts and teaching the components to the child using a series of trials and a system of  behavior reinforcements. It really also teaches the parent how to manage their children’s behavior.  Anything from Potty training to becoming independent by making their own lunch for school.  Many times the sessions will include outings and fun activities to work for rewarding a behavior.  ABA is highly recommended!

2. Asperger’s Syndrome:

Known as simply Asperger’s, is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties with social interaction and non-verbal communication. The systems are less severe the Autism. Those with Asperger syndrome normally do not have significant delays or difficulties in language or cognitive development. Just observing the child or adult you may think the individual is typical but acts rather different. They might have issues with clumsiness perhaps from not having perfect fine and gross motor skills. Also the child can be obsessed with one subject or another. The official diagnosis of Asperger’s was eliminated in the 2013, but it’s still widely used as name for a higher functional form of Autism. 

3. Assessment:

Collecting data and information regarding a child’s needs to determine diagnosis or placement.  It may include social, psychological, and education evaluations.  As a parent you will be hearing and using this word quite a bit.

Next week’s topics:

(ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

(ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder

(ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder

The first two topics I am very familiar with, as I am a parent with ADD and my oldest son has ADHD. So stay tuned!