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My Awareness Immunity: The Unexpected Advantage


This is my personal story of Awareness:

Awareness: “the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness”

Are you conscious of it?  Not everyone is aware or conscious of what goes on.  Period. But that goes with everything, everyday life and not just in April.  I am very much Aware of Autism, I was involved with it even before it entered our life. 14 Years ago when my oldest atypical Son was three I found myself working in the public schools as a Special Ed Aide. I was going to college to teach elementary school and I figured this was a great start to work in the schools. My first job as an aide was in a K-1 Autism classroom and at the time I was pregnant with our second son. Little did I know that he would be diagnosed six years later. There was no initial shock when my son was diagnosed 7 years ago and “what do I do now”? I did not go through all the phases of denial, or grieving.  I have been very immune from the beginning.  Because I had been through all of it before with my mother.  At 5, I was helping her up off the floor. My mother was born with Cerebral Palsy, I was an only child and my father traveled for work.  She was not able to accomplish the things that most Mothers could do.  She had limited mobility.  Balance, coordination were difficult and fine motor skills were a struggle. I basically grew up taking care of my Mom and succumbed myself to all the strange stares from the kids when she fell numerous times from her lack of balance. At a young age I became immune to the idea of “Awareness” and what it meant.  I was really too busy growing up, being the nurturing daughter, because that is all I knew and really all I know now. “The nurturing woman of massive patience.” That’s how I describe myself.  Now you must be asking yourself, how does being a nurturing Mom and having plenty of patience suck? That is my battle. Years later I have finally come to terms with that the childhood I had been preparing me for the life with Autism I never expected. I do understand now, my life is immersed in Autism 24/7 and I wouldn’t change it for anything. My past apparently has given me an immunity to Awareness and I deal with it on such a different level than most. I don’t even blink an eye.

I began Stimsoup with the intention of helping people, because that is what I do best.  Perhaps, helping others will give me a sense of meaning and a different perspective of “Awareness.” Maybe it’s my place in life. I never intended to be involved in Special Ed, Blogging and because I never gave it a second thought I simply pushed it aside. This may be my path in life that I have been given and who ever knew when I stepped foot into that classroom. I think my son’s Autism has been a blessing in disguise.

Take Care and Spread the Awareness! 🙂