This is the why of Stim Soup. My youngest child, BP. He was diagnosed with Autism at 6 1/2, now at 13, he is progressing well! My Hero! Many things have changed with Autism since then.

Why the Name? Because Autism is full of Acronyms: IEP, ABA, etc. and sometimes we need just a spoonful at a time in our journey.

Hi I am Karen, A married Mom with 2 boys, 13 & 17. My youngest is the reason I founded Stimsoup.  My 17 year-old just comes along for the ride. I am the person behind Stimsoup.  I began the journey with Autism long before my kids were born.  Little did I know I would be personally affected by it.

Stimsoup is meant as a starting place for anyone who is seeking help with Autism.  If you are parent or caregiver that has just found out that your son or daughter has been diagnosed with Autism, this is the place to begin.  Families that have been newly diagnosed usually are very overwhelmed.   I like using the word “families,”usually when a child is diagnosed because it involves everyone in the family.

 Stimsoup also a great place for anyone working in the Autism community.  I am hoping, along with my artistic skills, I will create printable’s for you to use:  Social Stories, PECS, e-books, cards, and anything to visually stimulate learning.  I will eventually have an online shop for everyone!

 Note:  This blog is not meant to take the place of medical advice.  I am not a medical professional, therapist, etc. and I don’t claim to be.  So most of what will be on the blog is strictly what I feel to be helpful and in no way based on opinion or facts.  I feel I have been at this awhile now and want to share what I have learned, hope you may benefit from my knowledge as Mom of a child with Autism.


Please feel free to comment! Nothing offensive please.

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