Choose the Right Soup

This is the future page of recipes, visual recipes, and any information related to food and diet. Food and diet is a now a large part of my family’s daily life. It all began with a doctor’s appointment. I went in because my jaw was very painful, I may have thought it was dislocated. Turns out it was not the case. But they did take my blood pressure, three times. Very high. 150/90. Decided they would so some blood tests and I also found out I had very high Cholesterol. So from that day forward I have completely changed the way I eat. It was very scary. I want to be around for my children. And if I continued down this path, it wouldn’t be good. I was overweight, approaching 50 and was not exercising enough. Now I had to watch my blood pressure and my Cholesterol. Time to get busy.

In all honesty, it hasn’t been easy. When you have a child first of all, who’s diets mainly consists of Mac n’ Cheese and processed food you are bound to have meltdowns. I am motivated and excited to help you out with your meals.


Please feel free to comment! Nothing offensive please.

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