What is Autism? Officially it’s called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Hence the name of this blog.  Acronym upon acronym, take your pick out of the soup bowl.

It is a spectrum disorder including a wide group of disorders.   Autism is a developmental disability that affects their communication with the world.  Every person with ASD is different and it can be moderate to severe.

Signs of Autism:

  • Usually signs occur around 3 years of age.
  • Note: Every child is different and some symptoms may or may not appear.
  • Language: Usually delayed Speech or non-verbal
  • Lack of social interaction and communication.  It is difficult for them to make friends and prefer to be isolated, alone or withdrawn.
  • Narrow interests in activities and playing. Obsessed with one object or idea.
  • No eye contact and at times will not respond to their name.  This is sometimes the child may have appear to have hearing loss, but they test normal.
  • Behaviors such as hand flapping, pacing, body rocking, self-stimulation
  • Very resistant to change in routine.
  • Sensory issues:  May be sensitive to light, sound,  and touch.
  • They will sometimes lack empathy.  They have a difficult time understanding and interpreting someone else’s feelings or emotions. Sometimes you will see a child with Autism laughing at something that may not be funny to us.  But they are unable to pick up on cues that are verbal and think in literal terms.

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