Visual Recipes…Building Autism Life Skills


Visual Recipes… I can’t begin to tell you that these are very helpful in teaching kids or adults of any age with Autism .  Cooking is a life skill which is beneficial for everyday tasks in the kitchen.  It’s going to help them in every way possible.  Topics like math, processing steps, hands on learning, and of course taste tasting in the kitchen, which my youngest son, BP really enjoys.  It is actually a huge motivating factor.  If he can lick the spoon, he is happy to start cooking. 🙂

BP Spoon
BP’s favorite thing to do in the kitchen…lick the spoon. BUT remember the rule: It goes into the sink after, NOT back in the bowl. Rules in the kitchen always apply.
Making Frosting
BP preparing some frosting for Mom’s birthday cupcakes with help from his ABA therapist.

In the coming months. I am going to add some simple visual recipes to for a start, eventually building up to a simple visual cookbook for kids. When cooking with individuals who have Autism, it’s good to post rules about kitchen cleanliness.  Since they like to see things, I suggest making a rules poster for the kitchen and maybe post it up on the refrigerator. Atypical kids would benefit just the same.  Let’s not go sticking our fingers in the frosting, please.