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Stim Soup has a new website

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News! I have a new website that is still underdevelopment. I am currently working on all the kinks and bugs.  It will have resources for the new Parents who have recently found out their child has Autism. Information and tips for caregivers, and Educators alike.  A page for newcomers. It’s a big venture and my goal is to make it simple just like this blog.  If you know of someone who would benefit, kindly let them know.

If you have any Autism stories or would like to submit a blog or resource, simply click on the links provided on the Home Page.  I’d be happy to read them.

Just a note: All material is subject to approval.  Nothing offensive. No spammers, trolls, etc.  You know the drill.

So if your interested, head on over and check it out. Stim Soup.  Spread the word to people everywhere!