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Stim Soup Series: What’s in the Soup? Part Seven


Welcome to Part Seven of the Stim Soup series “What’s in the Soup.” These posts are just a simple guide to the many terms of Autism.  Just broken down into simple terms from A-Z. It is the goal here at Stim Soup to make it simple and practical.  No long-winded explanations necessary.  If you are like me, then you want to get to the point and find the answer.

The terms in part seven of the series are:

  • PECS -Picture Exchange Communication System

  • Pica

  • Self-Stimulation Behavior

Let us begin with the most widely used form of communication throughout Autism community.

PECS – Simply put: A way to communicate using pictures and symbols.  Picture Cards.  A powerful method of communication for non-verbal children or children that have difficulty with their expressive language.  I.E. These photos are of what my son previously used to communicate his wants and needs.  Now they are no longer necessary.

Bathroom PECS
PECS for the skill of washing your hands
Similar PECS on a cardboard strip that can be used with Velcro. Every step is listed.

Pica – An eating disorder in which a person will consume non-food items.  Anything from dirt to soap.  Sometimes with Autism a child can have the condition.  It is related to the sensory needs of the child.   The brain has a difficult time processing all the sensory input and constantly seeking some form of stimulation by putting anything into mouth. Sensory seeking behavior.  Usually Pica can be helped by Sensory Integration Therapy or some form of Behavior therapy.

Self-Stimulation Behavior- Usually called “Stimming,” is very common with Autism.  Stimming can be referred to as a number of behaviors.  Repetitive body movements being the most common.  You might also see them staring at lights, flapping their hands, rocking their body, licking things (Pica), smelling objects, and Echolalia being the most common.  All of these behaviors will be repetitive.

If you need to or you missed have other parts, go back and read One,Two, Three, FourFive and Six.

Stay tuned for Part Eight of my What’s in the Soup? I truly hope you are benefiting from this Series.

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