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Stim Soup Series: What’s in the Soup? Part Four


Hi There and welcome! I have been behind with the series lately, What’s in the Soup? But here is part four of the nine part series. As a parent/guardian/caregiver, it is very helpful to be educated and informed. If you are new to the world of Autism, it is my goal is to help you out and take away that feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Basically keeping it as simple as possible.

In part three of the series I talked about.




For this part of the series we will learn about: Executive Functioning, Expressive Language, and Fine Motor.  I have added a new term to the series so I have switched some terms around a bit.

This first term is used quite a bit and I figured It should be a part of your ever-growing vocabulary.

Executive Functioning:

The skills that allow us to organize, plan, and problem solve.  Executive functions help you manage life skills. For example, executive functions let you organize your day, plan what you will wear, organize a paper for school. Children with Autism usually don’t have the “command and control” functions in their daily lives to help them manage themselves.  For example, when a child has a meltdown and is not able to control his emotions that is apart of Executive functioning.  They are not in command or have control over those functions.  This is when behavior management comes in play and teaches the child to self regulate their own behavior.

Expressive Language:

The ability to communicate and express themselves to another through language. One of the aspects of Autism is the inability to communicate effectively their wants and needs. It’s difficult for them to clearly express themselves.

Fine Motor Skills:

Fine Motor involves movement of small muscles of the body such as in the hands and fingers. Skills include: writing, grasping, and fastening,  All of which depend on strength, control, coordination, and dexterity. I will be talking about Fine Motor later on in more depth.

Most of these terms in the series will be discussed in the future in more depth.  But as I said before, the goal here is for simplicity.

Next time in the series I will be talking about:

  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Gross Motor
  • Hypotonia


Stay Tuned.  I look forward to sharing with you more terms.  Thanks!